We Serve as a Partner to Management

Strategic Insight
Capital For Growth
Business Development
Add-on Acquisitions
Integrated Systems

Strategic insight
Growing private businesses face a number of challenges as they transition from start-ups to professionalized entities with institutional ownership. Black Lake’s team has considerable experience in these transitions, which it shares with its portfolio companies. We serve as Board of Directors members, complete strategic projects, and serve as a sounding board for management.

Capital for growth
We create flexible capital structures, which support growth in personnel, operating assets, and working capital. We also understand the variability inherent in smaller businesses and avoid excessive debt.

Business development
We leverage our management consulting background to provide our portfolio companies with more “at bats” to reach new customers. We perform top-down reviews of the potential markets identifying potential new targets and product-line extensions. We work with management to hire, train, and incentivize additional sales resources and channel partners. Finally, we open our network to ensure contact with key decision makers within target clients.

Add-on acquisitions
We comb the marketplace for complementary businesses to provide an entrée into new customers, open adjacent geographies, and broaden product offerings. We provide the capital and execution expertise to complete acquisitions approved by management.

Integrated management systems
Properly designed and implemented management systems free leadership to allocate fewer resources to administration and focus on driving growth. Updated systems can include customer-facing marketing, accounting, inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM).