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A5 is excited to announce the launch of CPQ SPYDR. CPQ SPYDR automates testing of bundle configurations and stand-alone products. This includes multiple line verification, bundle configuration testing, pricing, discount verification, test case archiving, and it is flexible and scalable to add custom use cases too.  

CPQ SPYDR is a powerful and intuitive testing app. It helps businesses of all sizes that use Salesforce CPQ to optimize their quality assurance by reducing the effort by at least 80%, reducing implementation cost by 20%, and improving configuration and pricing accuracy by 3000%.

CPQ Blog3-4-12

A5 CEO Vinay Kruttiventi explained that the new tool offers full synchronization with Salesforce CPQ and the app provides users the opportunity to test hundreds of test cases, analyze, and fix issues and re-submit all the test cases again with one click of a button.

The CPQ SPYDR user interface is very friendly and easy to navigate through. It enables users to create and execute new test cases in three simple steps or execute existing test cases in one step. The app displays results in lightning enabled layout.

CPQ SPYDR is a very effective solution for reducing internal resources and costs. Please contact us at to see how CPQ SPYDR can help you.

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